CTG Platform Update & Tutorials

Capital Trust Group Limited
21 min readMay 1, 2022


  • Order: added shortcut to save Trade Panel Profile


  • Orders: shown update reason when order status changes
  • Tables: saved columns order between sessions


  • MacOS: black headers for the dark theme


  • Settings: bound OHLC tip with crosshair for Chart
CTG Platform — Basket Trader


  • Basket Trader: support limit and stop orders
  • Basket Trader: automatic profiles synchronisation
  • Customised window header in the dark theme for Windows
  • Recomposed Settings window
  • Redesigned maintenance notifications
  • Shortcuts: added hotkey for screenshot


  • Summary: synchronised dates with the Margin Report module
  • The Open Positions module was renamed into Portfolio
  • All modules: added icons to the instruments
  • Lightweight updates instead of downloading the full installer


  • Quotes: automated backuping/restoring profiles; manual option in Settings is now unavailable
  • Chart: showed average position as a horizontal line


  • Order / Click Trade: added localisation for order types and durations
  • Chart: added Copy instrument link button
  • Faster launch of the application


  • Summary and Margin Report: implemented compact view of the header
  • Summary and Margin Report: redesigned historical data
  • Indicators: improved user interface usability of the settings


  • Quotes: added High and Low columns
  • Option Board: added horizontal scroll
  • Redesigned two-factor authentication login window


  • Summary and Margin Report: redesigned margin details in module’s header
  • Margin Report: shown reason of the On hold status of the funds
  • Indicators: added ability to change the line thickness for the MA group


  • The Account Summary module was renamed into Summary
  • The Current Orders module was renamed into Orders
  • The Quote Monitor module was renamed into Quotes
  • Corrected numeric values alignment in the tables


  • MacOS: Settings and Help moved to the main menu, now available as Preferences and About, respectively


  • Instrument Tree: shown option strikes on demand
  • Instrument Tree: redesigned filter icon


  • Margin Report: shown historical margin structure
  • Account Summary / Margin Report: added Current Orders to the context menu of the account
  • MacOS: added Touch ID


  • Added System Menu with the items from the toolbar
  • Settings: added possibility to hide the side toolbar
  • Toolbar: added user’s email to the header


  • Redesigned checkboxes in the dark theme
  • Instrument Tree: added boolean filters


  • Toolbar: redesigned and regrouped menu
  • Time & Sales: now available from the toolbar


  • Bond Screener: redesigned and customised filters


  • Instrument Tree: counters take into account the number of options strikes
  • Redesigned login window


  • Open Positions: the Close button is inactive if the market order can’t be executed immediately
  • Bond screener: removed Last Session Close column from the default view


  • Account Summary: added Daily P&L on the entire account
  • Option board: opening by default when double-clicking on the Options group in Instrument Tree
  • Instrument Tree: improved strike search for options


  • Instrument Tree: faster launch of the application due to improvements in displaying options


  • Indicators: added LSMA (Least Squares Moving Average)
  • MacOS: Added notification counter for the badge on the dock bar


  • Chart: redesigned Trade Volume indicator
  • Internal improvements for boost performance


  • Account Summary / Open Positions: added Initial Value column
  • Hotkeys: Cmd+M for minimising the app on Mac
  • Transfers window: consistency with the Client’s area
  • Double click on the Instrument picker fulfills the default action
  • Implemented Chinese Traditional localisation


  • Chart: zooming restores after platform restart
  • Open Positions: added table filters
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Indicators: added Alligator, Awesome, Accelerator, Gator Oscillators, and SMMA
  • Implemented French localisation
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Improved UI and performance


  • Instrument Info: added Stamp Duty and Levy Fee marks
  • Order / Click Trade: shown Voice trading only notification where applicable
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Transfers: implemented the Available amount option
  • Charts: added the Clear all drawings button
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Quote Monitor: added ability to link the watchlist with charts
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Hotkeys: Ctrl+Tab for the Switch tab command on Mac
  • Chart: remembering drawings linked to an instrument
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Quote Monitor: profile autosync among user’s desktop devices
  • Price Alerts: create an alert from a Chart by Ctrl + G + LMB click on price axis
  • Price Alerts: added the Updated column to the table
  • Price Alerts: repeat a triggered alert from the context menu
  • Price Alerts: fulfill a default action after double click on an alert notification
  • Reduced memory use


  • Bond Screener: Expiry was corrected to Maturity
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Order / Click Trade: shown YTM for bonds
  • Price alerts: added the Create & Add more button
  • Instrument Tree: optimised search logic by instrument priority
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Instrument Tree: improved searching
  • Chart: added the Reset layout, Duplicate Chart, Show indicators buttons to the context menu
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Tooltips: more visible in light theme
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Chart: added context menu on a RMB click
  • Chart: added YTM & Greeks indicators value in a tooltip
  • Chart: set anti-aliasing constant inclusion for some parts


  • Account Summary: added Next Coupon Date
  • Account Summary: Clean Price, Next Coupon Date and Accrued Interests are grouped and moved to a separate Bonds sublevel
  • Account Summary / Margin Report / Option Board: Greeks are grouped and moved to a separate sublevel
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Quote Monitor / Bond Screener: added FIGI column (Bloomberg identifier)
  • Chart: remembered last drawing options
  • Chart: added Duplicate option to create copied chart with saved settings
  • Account Summary / Instrument Tree: updated localisation
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Tips: detailed view on Margin report
  • Instrument Info: updated trading schedule based on expiry date
  • Price Alerts: default action is now available to customise
  • Updated localisation
  • Improved UI and performance.


  • Added seconds to the ATP clock
  • Supported resize of auto-hidden tabs
  • Internal improvements for boost performance.


  • Updated localisation
  • Improved UI and performance.


  • Changed font for the instrument picker
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Automatic Disabled Trading mode when disconnected from the server
  • Internal improvements to boost performance


  • Added two and three minute timeframes to Chart
  • Enabled sorting in all columns of Open Positions


  • Grouped bonds in the column picker for Quote Monitor and Bond Screener
  • Added images to text-only tips


  • Added position greeks columns in the Option Board module
  • Added Name column to Bond Screener
  • Improved UI and performance


  • Chart scrolling now works faster due to visual improvements
  • Renamed order duration types in the Trade panel
  • Implemented Polish localisation
  • Duration can be set automatically now
  • Improved UI and performance


  • You can now select several countries and currencies simultaneously in Bond Screener
  • The Risk Country column was added to the Bond Screener and Quote Monitor modules
  • The algorithm for calculating log scale levels has been changed


  • Price Alerts for Baskets added
  • Basket Trader is now available from PnL Chart


  • You can now turn Market Depth volumes rounding on and off
  • Open Positions got Order Margin by an instrument
  • If an Instrument’s Schedule has an interval longer than 24 hours, you’ll see the next interval’s date
  • When you close a Current Orders module, the chosen columns set will be saved
  • A new tip explaining Margin Delta on the trade panel has been added


  • You can now drag and drop Price Alerts across the Chart in the same manner as orders
  • The system now saves the selected list of columns in Option Board once the module is closed


  • When you click through the Instruments tree, all branches having a single sub-branch are auto expanded for your convenience
  • Trade Blotter now features split-millisecond breakdown in dates of trades and transactions
  • Click-Trade/Order panel has got tooltips for Duration and Type
  • The Tip of the Day updated to explain how to add more than one instrument on a Chart
  • Volume is now one of the default indicators for the Trade Chart


  • The application now works on JRE 11. This improves overall text and icons quality, grants full screen support for macOS, and enables custom DPI scaling
  • Order module redesigned
  • Premarket warning added to the Open Positions module for pending Market orders
  • Scrollbars added to Quote Monitor and Bond Screener column selectors
  • Chart Log scale periods made easier to read
  • Demo/Live environment switching speeded up
  • PnL Chart improved to smoothly process normalised strikes calculations for options and underlyings with different price scaling, expired instruments, zero or empty values


  • The system automatically saves drawings and indicators on closing the latest Chart
  • Instrument Info now includes information on physical delivery for futures and spreads


  • Yield to Maturity indicator added to Bond charts
  • Light theme default Volume colour has changed
  • New tip added: Trade Blotter window


  • New tip added: Bond Screener window
  • Option Board added Average Price and PnL columns
  • Every notification has its own Delete icon
  • Option Board’s overall performance increased


  • The platform marks instruments unavailable for trading with a special hollow icon and lets the user filter them in Instruments
  • Bond Screener now features Tradable/Non-tradable as a filtering parameter
  • Margin Report includes the account’s Order Margin
  • Concentration rate in Instrument Info factors in the underlying asset for portfolio margin accounts


  • New tips added: table columns configuration and Market Depth visualisation modes
  • The default action in Account Summary factors in the current account
  • Supertrend parameters can now be justified up to decimal values


  • The platform marks instruments that are unavailable for trading with a special icon
  • Notifications older than 3 days will not be shown anymore


  • Major Light theme design improvements and fine tuning. Switсh the theme in Settings to try out the new design!
  • An issue affecting macOS Catalina terminal updates has been detected and fixed


  • Internal improvements to boost performance
  • Minor localisation improvements
  • Design tweaks


  • Trades and Transactions added to the account’s context menu. Click to open recent trades and transactions filtered by the current account
  • Click Clear all or Read all buttons in Notifications to clear up the queue of pop-up balloons for price alerts, or hover over the queue to mark all as read
  • Default columns in Margin Report now include Concentration Margin


  • From now on, Price Alerts pop-up notifications will stay on-screen until you close them one by one


  • OCO grouping added. Open Current Orders and select up to five active orders to group them in a One-Cancel-Others group. You can also remove any order from an existing OCO group through the context menu
  • Filters added to Bond Screener
  • Order details made accessible by double-clicking the Notification


  • Bond Screener and Quote Monitor now have the Next coupon date column (hidden by default)


  • If an order is emulated, you’ll see the (e) mark in the Type (Market, Stop, Stop Limit) or Duration (GTC, Day) columns in Current Orders
  • Bond Screener ACI rounding removed. Now, ACI is accurate up to eight decimal places
  • Option Board got a loader icon


  • Current Orders now work faster when filtering by orderID
  • Option Board works faster, too, due to improved Theoretical Price calculations
  • Overall memory consumption reduced


  • PnL on Expiration context menu item renamed to PnL Chart
  • Extreme Margin renamed to Concentration Margin
  • Market Depth histograms rendering improved
  • Feed status issue related to some status combinations of delayed feeds discovered and resolved
  • Localisations improved
  • Increased performance


  • Quote Monitor and Bond Screener have added Bid/Ask YTM columns along with the existing Mid YTM
  • Margin Report now features Extreme margin in base and instrument’s currency
  • Instrument Info has been improved to include the minimum trade size


  • The Notification module has been implemented to track price alert and order execution events
  • The SuperTrend indicator has been added to the Chart module
  • MACD indicator has been added to the Chart module in addition to the existing MACD histogram
  • PnL Chart has been added to calculate PnL on Expiration for options and underlying аssets. The PnL Chart is now accessible through an icon in Basket Trader and available for instruments based on the same underlying assets


  • Save userdir by clicking the corresponding button in the Help
  • Click-Trade autofilling: use Shift+ALT+0~9 to store Click-Trade’s parameters and apply them via Alt+0~9
  • Check where is the module tab if it’s already open (tab is now highlighting)
  • IV indicator will be applied to the newly opened option chart by default
  • Market Depth histogram and Account Summary design improvements


  • Chart now features both Stop (trigger) price and Limit (order) price for Stop Limit orders
  • Trade Blotter has got a new column — instrument’s Currency
  • Account Summary has got a new column, too — Portfolio Share that the asset takes


  • The default Market Depth visualisation mode is set to By total size
  • Account Summary columns can now be shrunk down to the minimum available width


  • Instrument Info now allows you to copy information by clicking the button at the top right corner
  • Daily PnL column was added to Account Summary
  • The Floating windows hint was added to Tips of the Day


  • Funds on hold (i.e. pending withdrawal requests) has been added to the Margin Utilization/Margin Report module
  • The Add another instrument to Chart icon has been changed


  • Underlying asset added to the Instrument Info module. Context menu opens by right-clicking on the underlying name
  • Market Depth rendering speed increased
  • Quote Monitor headers modified (light color scheme only)
  • Minor layout and localisation improvements


  • Change order quantity by clicking Up or Down arrows either on a keyboard or right in the Click-Trade/Order or Market Depth modules
  • Hold Ctrl or Command and click on the price level in the Market Depth module to create a limit order with the quantity = price band size
  • Easy order replacement: to replace an existing order, just drag and drop the it in Market Depth. It will retain its original side and quantity
  • Re-design of Market Depth, Option Board, Current Orders, Time&Sales and Price Alerts modules
  • Improved localisations


  • You can now adjust Price, Stop Price and Price Distance in the Order module, by clicking the up/down keyboard keys or corresponding arrows in the appropriate fields
  • Improved Italian localisation
  • Improved UI and stability


  • Enable and disable anti-aliasing for Charts by ticking the appropriate checkbox in the Settings menu
  • Additional tips on Price Alerts function
  • Instrument Info loader now indicates ready-for-work state of the module


  • Transfer cash between your accounts in the Account Summary module
  • You can now choose a region to connect (Auto, Europe or China) in the Advanced tab of the Settings menu
  • Improved design of drop-down menus
  • Improved performance and stability


  • Updated Times & Sales
  • Updated Volume chart
  • Improved Bond Screener interface
  • Improved performance and stability


  • VWAP indicator was added to Chart
  • Filter bonds in Bond Screener by Clean Price
  • Context menu was added to the Search field of the Instrument Tree


  • Redesigned Instrument Info. Instrument’s schedule has been visualized
  • You can now filter bonds in Bond Screener module excluding the defaulted ones out of the list
  • A new Default column is now available in Quote Monitor and Bond Screener
  • Improved layout for multi-screen configuration
  • Performance and stability improved


  • Editing fields in MAT is more convenient now
  • UI and performance were improved


  • UI and performance were improved


  • New visualisation modes have been added to Market Depth
  • Localisation was improved
  • UI and performance were improved


  • Drag and Drop in MAT is more convenient now
  • Yield To Maturity has been added to Quote Monitor
  • Now you can search for bonds according to set parameters (Yield To Maturity, Coupon Rate, etc) in a new module called Bond Screener
  • Main toolbar is automatically resized on small displays
  • Symbol Tree has redesigned icons
  • New tips have been added


  • A new tip about showing average position on chart has been added
  • A warning message appears when a technical maintenance is being performed
  • Now you can close Settings via pressing the ESC button
  • Ability to add more instruments to Chart is now available via a special button in the Chart toolbar
  • Performance and stability improved


  • Current Orders saves the checkable filters between sessions
  • A new tip about Volume-by-Price indicator has been added
  • Localisation and UI have been improved


  • There are some new columns (CCY, Days to Expiration, Coupon Rate, Issuer Type, Country and Rating) in Quote Monitor


  • The tabs have new menu items now: ‘Close all’, ‘Close others’ and ‘Close to the right’
  • The Price Alert creation dialogue has been reworked
  • Performance and stability improved


  • Instrument Info contains Effective Overnight option now
  • We have translated some phrases into all supported languages
  • MAT is now available in reworked Allocation mode


  • MAT is now available in Allocation mode
  • The Price Alerts module has been implemented
  • Some new columns (Position, Long and Short) have been added to Option Board


  • Average position can be displayed on Quote Chart by toggling the option in chart Settings
  • Short Leverage Rate and Concentration Leverage have been added to Instrument Info
  • Order buttons are now blocked for a short period of time after they had been clicked to prevent unexpected orders
  • Performance and stability improved


  • The instrument ticker and timeframe are now added to exported chart images
  • The file names of saved chart images are now generated automatically
  • Some Tips were renewed
  • Performance and stability improved


  • The charts can now be exported as image files
  • The links to the manuals have been updated in the Help window
  • The column selector has been improved in Account Summary
  • Performance and stability have been improved


  • Strike and expiration of an instrument can now be changed through Quote Monitor and Basket Trader
  • Clean Price and Accurate Interest columns have been added to Account Summary for bonds
  • The link for copying Order ID to the clipboard is now accesible from Order Details
  • Performance and stability improved


  • VM setting file is now accessible directly from Help
  • Tips of the Day have been added
  • Remember password option is now accessible from Settings > Advanced
  • The Total Size column has been added to Market Depth
  • Order Confirmation redesign in MAT


  • A tooltip on the numeric filters for the tables has been added
  • Help redesign
  • Filling in quantity when opening Click Trade or Order via context menu
  • An error with the reopening Instrument Info now fixed
  • The parameters names in the indicator settings within the Chart have been added
  • Order Confirmation has been added. It can be switched on/off in the General tab of the Settings


  • Help & About windows were consolidated
  • ATM price calculation improved
  • Global accounts summary context menu redesigned
  • Layout issues fixed


  • Volume-by-Price indicator can be displayed in the Mid chart mode
  • Displaying average price has been improved on Chart
  • Percentage scale has been improved when displaying multiple instruments on the Chart to allow better comparison
  • Current Orders can show a significantly greater number of inactive orders in the Live mode
  • Saving and restoring UI layout settings have been improved
  • UI and performance have been improved


  • Volume indicator was improved and became easier to use on the Chart. The indicator is now available in the Mid chart mode
  • Chart toolbar layout improved
  • Performance and stability improved


  • Volume-by-Price indicator added to the Chart
  • Performance and stability improved


  • Another specific connection point added for Chinese users. To customize, visit Settings / Advanced tab
  • Tab switching buttons added to a tab bar
  • 30 minutes time frame added to the Chart
  • Performance and stability improved


  • An info message added to the empty Chart
  • Time & Sales got filters by trade time, price, size and side
  • Localisation improved


  • Added an ability to replace or cancel orders, check order info, add TP/SL right to the orders on Chart or in Market Depth
  • Account Binding icon hides automatically if there is only one account available
  • UI and performance improved


  • Find an instrument by its ISIN in the Instruments tree
  • Check total NAV and summarized subaccounts positions in the Account Summary
  • Open context menu for the Trade Blotter Account and Symbol columns
  • Open multiple tabs by holding Shift and clicking the toolbar icon. It works for Chart, Click-Trade, Order, Market Depth, Option Board, Current Orders, Account Summary, Margin Report and Accounts Report tabs


  • Chinese localisation issues fixed
  • Performance and stability issues fixed


  • Quote Monitor, Basket Trader and MAT profiles can be stored on the server. Visit Settings / Advanced tab to synchronize them
  • Chart features an average price and position for the instrument
  • Chart drawings can be edited using the context menu


  • TWAP and Iceberg chunk size validation added
  • Excel plugin renewed
  • Transactions export into .xls files added to Time & Sales
  • Table column selector icon updated
  • UI and performance improved


  • The Option Board algorithm used to determine an option strike ATM price was updated
  • Trailing Stop orders added to the Stop Loss dropdown menu
  • Performance and stability issues fixed


  • Percentage scale added to the Chart, allowing you to see relative changes of an instrument’s quote on the Сhart
  • TWAP and Iceberg order parameters added: minimum chunk size and minimum interval are now considered when validating an order


  • Popup notifications about new updates are available
  • Table columns control button redesigned to improve appearance
  • Chinese localisation issues fixed
  • Performance and stability issues fixed


  • Notification about an available update added to the Login screen
  • Performance and stability issues fixed


  • Release notes were enhanced
  • Server certificate validation added to the connection
  • Performance and stability issues fixed


  • Release Notes coloured and formatted
  • Table customisation button redesigned
  • Help dialog got an Open Logs Folder link
  • Localisation issues fixed
  • Persistence, performance and stability issues fixed


  • New order types added: TWAP, Iceberg and Trailing Stop
  • Trade markers redesigned: to improve performance, if there are more than 20 trade markers on a single candle on the Chart then we will show them as the one aggregated trade
  • Margin Utilization indicator redesigned
  • A hotkey added: press Ctrl-M to hide/show floating windows headers
  • Release Notes added to the updates


  • Profit and Loss values coloured in Account Summary and Open Positions
  • A hotkey added: press Ctrl+D to duplicate the selected drawing on the Chart
  • The “Close Tab” icon redesigned to improve appearance
  • Performance and stability issues fixed

CTG Platform — Tutorials

Screen to find bonds that meet your vision and strategies! Open the Bond Screener window by clicking on the toolbar icon, then select one or more criteria and click Search.

Add up to five instruments to the Basket Trader to build an indicative chart for them.

Switch the Chart scale from linear to logarithmic and back by pressing the rightmost button in the Chart tools menu.

Go to the Instruments Search by pressing Ctrl+I.

Open the Chart tools menu to toggle automatic vertical scaling on/off if you want to closer examine the candles which are far from the market price. To do this, go to the settings of the chart and enable manual vertical scaling.

The Time and Sales window provides you with tick-by-tick trade data updating in real-time.

Open the Shortcuts list by pressing the F1. You can also open Shortcuts list out of Help.

Switch the Chart from linear to percent scale and back by pressing the button in the Chart tools menu.

Add Volume by Price indicator to the chart by choosing it in the Chart tools menu. Note that Trades should be available.

Link up to five active orders to a One-Cancels-Other group and execute complex multi-leg trading strategies! If one of the orders is triggered, the others will be cancelled automatically.

Enable showing average position on chart by pressing the AVG button in the Chart tools menu.

Place orders right from the Chart. Just click on the price scale to open the Order tab filled with that price. To create a stop order instead of a limit one, press Alt while clicking on the chosen price.

Track prices and get price alerts! To set an alert, right-click on the instrument and select Set price alert from the context menu.

Build a histogram by size or total size right in the Market Depth to evaluate trade volumes over quotes and benefit from current market conditions. Cycle through visualization modes by pressing a button on the top of the module.

Add special indicators such as Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta), IV and theoretical price right on the option charts! They are located at the end of the indicators list in the Chart menu.

Toggle trading on and off by pressing Ctrl+T to avoid accidental misclicks.

Show or hide the side toolbar by ticking an appropriate box in the Settings — General.

Build a histogram by size or total size right in the Market Depth to evaluate trade volumes over quotes and benefit from current market conditions. Cycle through visualization modes by pressing a button on the top of the module!

Choose Duplicate option in the drop-down menu of a tab — or in the context menu of a chart — to copy the chart to a new tab keeping all the settings.

Add Take Profit / Stop Loss to new and existing orders. Select the “Add TP/SL” menu item in the Current Orders to add Take Profit / Stop Loss for working or filled orders.

Use the upper system menu to open the modules if the side toolbar is hidden.

Need details on trades and transactions? Open the Trade Blotter module and filter data by account, time period, or type, then Refresh.

To get the detailed Margin Report view, expand or maximise its window.

Hide and reveal the chart toolbar by pressing Ctrl+E.

The search now ignores extra/technical symbols (slash, space, dot, question mark, etc.) and only factors in letters and numbers. For example: To find Forex/Currency, you may enter EUR/USD, EURUSD, EUR USD, EUR.USD, EUR?USD.

You can customise every table displaying in the trading terminal. To do so, click on the gear sign at the top right corner of the table and tick columns you would like to see.

Double-click on indicator’s name in the chart corner to edit its settings.

Collapse and expand the toolbar by pressing the arrow button on the top-left corner.

Open more than one Current Orders tabs by pressing Shift and clicking on its icon on the toolbar.

Draw multiple charts in one window. To add an instrument as a secondary chart, drag it to the existing one while pressing Alt.

Track prices and get price alerts! To set an alert, tap the Price alert Toolbar icon module and drag an instrument there.

Place your Market orders with a single click using the Click-Trade module! Just specify the desired quantity and click either Buy Market or Sell Market.

Copy an active drawing on the Chart by pressing Ctrl+D.

Get brief and timely updates on order execution or price movements in the customisable Notifications module. A counter in the toolbar will inform you of any unread notifications.

Collapse and expand the header of the Summary and Margin Report modules by pressing the arrow button on the top-right corner.

Set your own flexible layouts Quick and convenient: customize the trading platform layout. Drag out a window to set it float, or right-click on its title to dock the window back.

Want to know how your Margin Utilisation changes? Hover the mouse over the Buy or Sell buttons in Click-Trade, Order, or Basket Trader.

Open the PnL on expiration chart right from the Basket Trader and visualise potential profit or loss outcomes! The tool works for single derivatives and combined strategies built on the same underlying asset.



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